Produce chartist.js charts from R.

development of chartisan is on hold as I turn my visualization attention to golly

my thoughts

  1. I am aware there are a couple chartist.js R projects out there. The projects in question do not meet certain criteria for me.
  2. This project is intended for use with dull and needs to end up on CRAN. (neither of the previous chartist R projects are on CRAN at the time I wrote this).
  3. I hope to mimic much of what was built into ggvis.
  4. Finally, the accessibility plugin for Chartist has me intrigued. Recently I have had to develop 508 applications and would love to create a way to build compliant visulizations from R.

your concerns?

Right now there's a lot of room for anything, so let me know your thoughts or feelings in a issue.


Currently, chartisan is only available for installation from GitHub. In the future chartisan may be submitted to CRAN (think waaaay in the future).



The following example generates a simple chart, displayed in a shiny application.


my_chart <- iris %>%
 chartist(Sepal.Length, Sepal.Width) %>%
 layer_line() %>%


A simple chart

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