Man pages for nutterb/broom.base
Convert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Data Frames

acf_tidiersTidying method for the acf function
anova_tidiersTidying methods for anova and AOV objects
Arima_tidiersTidying methods for ARIMA modeling of time series
augmentAugment data according to a tidied model
augment_columnsadd fitted values, residuals, and other common outputs to an...
broom.baseConvert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Data Frames
col_nameReturn a column name.
compactRemove NULL items in a vector or list
confint_tidyCalculate confidence interval as a tidy data frame
data.frame_tidiersTidiers for data.frame objects
decompose_tidiersTidying methods for seasonal decompositions
finish_glanceAdd logLik, AIC, BIC, and other common measurements to a...
fix_data_frameEnsure an object is a data frame, with rownames moved into a...
glanceConstruct a single row summary "glance" of a model, fit, or...
glm_tidiersTidying methods for a glm object
htest_tidiersTidying methods for an htest object
insert_NAsinsert a row of NAs into a data frame wherever another data...
kmeans_tidiersTidying methods for kmeans objects
list_tidiersTidiers for return values from functions that aren't S3...
lm_tidiersTidying methods for a linear model
loess_tidiersAugmenting methods for loess models
matrix_tidiersTidiers for matrix objects
nls_tidiersTidying methods for a nonlinear model
optim_tidiersTidiers for lists returned from optim
process_lmhelper function to process a tidied lm object
smooth.spline_tidierstidying methods for smooth.spline objects
summary_tidiersTidiers for summaryDefault objects
svd_tidiersTidying methods for singular value decomposition
tidyTidy the result of a test into a summary data.frame
tidy.defaultDefault tidying method
tidy.densitytidy a density objet
tidy.distTidy a distance matrix
tidy.ftabletidy an ftable object
tidy.manovatidy a MANOVA object
tidy.NULLtidy on a NULL input
tidy.pairwise.htesttidy a pairwise hypothesis test
tidy.power.htesttidy a power.htest
tidy.spectidy a spec objet
tidy.tabletidy a table object
tidy.tstidy a ts timeseries object
tidy.TukeyHSDtidy a TukeyHSD object
unrownamestrip rownames from an object
vector_tidiersTidy atomic vectors
xyz_tidiersTidiers for x, y, z lists suitable for persp, image, etc.
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