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Illustrated workflow for PacFIN biological data (BDS) workup.


The diagram below is a flowchart for working up PacFIN data.

The PacFIN data should be acquired from John Wallace or Andi Stephens. If you are using CalCOM data, check with the Southwest Center Assessment team to find out who can provide that data.

If your data are in a .csv file, read them in using:

If your data are in a .dmp file, read them in using:

Example Runthrough

There is a complete runthrough of example data (species: XMPL) available so that you can experiment with the package. Use help(PacFIN_Example) to see how to filter, stratify and expand the data, and create length- age- and age-at-length-compositions.


In the diagram below, datasets are represented as circles or ellipses, functions are denoted by rectangles, and black and red lines represent workflow for generating age, length, or age-at-length comps. Optional paths are represented by dashed lines.

Figure: Simple-Workflow.png


Andi Stephens, Kelli Johnson

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