Man pages for ocant/Hawk-Eye
HawkEye Processing

angle_inAngle In
angle_outAngle Out
angle_toOpponentShot Angle to opponent
arc_summaryarc data
ball_bounceBounce Location
ball_directionBall direction
ball_InOutWas the ball in or out?
ball_intoNetBall into net?
ball_offNetBall off net?
ball_speed_off_courtBall Speed Off Court
baseline_dataCalculating Information at Baseline
coefficient_summaryExtract Coefficients
hit_coordinatesHit Coordinates
instantaneous_ball_speedInstantaneous ball speed off the racket
match_IDMatch ID
metadataProcess metadata
net_clearanceNet Clearance
opponent_LocationOpponent Location
point_detailsPoint Details
prep_filesPrep trj and prj files
processMatch ID
read_prjRead in prj file
read_trjRead in trj
score_detailsScore and point outcome
serve_detailsServe classification
server_receiverServer and Receiver
serviceCourt_QualityQuality Check Service Court
shot_changeDirectionShot Change of Direction
shot_playedByShot Played By
shot_typeShot Type
split_trjSplit trj
time_dataArc start and end time
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