DoseR: Dose response analysis in R using the time independent G-model.

The R-package DoseR is a set of tools used for dose response analysis.

The packages is features (or, is planned to feature): Pre-processing of dose response data Estimation of the G-model


If you wish to install the latest version of DoseR directly from the master branch here at GitHub, run

# Install necessary packages 

# First from bioconductor

# Then from CRAN
install.packages(c("foreign", "gdata", "plyr", "WriteXLS", "nlme", "RJSONIO",
                   "RCurl", "XML", "RColorBrewer", "Hmisc", "animation", "selectr"))

# From GitHub 
devtools::install_github("oncoclass/DoseR", dependencies = FALSE)

DoseR is still under development and should be considered unstable. Be sure that you have the package development prerequisites if you wish to install the package from the source.

Note: The interface and function names may still see significant changes and modifications!

Using DoseR

A small tutorial goes here!

Conventions and interface

The supplied expression matrices to be converted are arrange in the tall configuration. I.e. we have features in the rows and samples in columns.


References goes here!

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