get_cpue_historical: Get all fishing catch and effort to calculate historical...

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Get all fishing catch and effort to calculate historical commercial CPUE


get_cpue_historical(species = NULL, alt_year_start_date = "04-01",
  areas = c("3[CD]+", "5[AB]+", "5[CDE]+"), end_year = NULL)



Species to filter for positive fishing events. Leave as NULL to include all fishing events. One or more species common names (e.g. "pacific ocean perch") or one or more species codes (e.g. 396). Species codes can be specified as numeric vectors c(396, 442) or characters c("396", "442"). Numeric values shorter than 3 digits will be expanded to 3 digits and converted to character objects (1 turns into "001"). Species common names and species codes should not be mixed. If any element is missing a species code, then all elements will be assumed to be species common names.


Alternative year starting date specified as a month-day combination. E.g. "03-01" for March 1st. Can be used to create 'fishing years'.


Area groupings as a vector of regular expressions. See base::regex().


Specify the last calendar year to be extracted.

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