Man pages for petermeissner/diffr
Comparing and aligning text

add_text_to_alignmentHelper function for diffr_to_html that combines alignment_df...
align_matrix_to_align_dfFunction that transforms an alignment result in matrix form...
choose_maxdist_optionFunction for translating maxdiff option into value
cleanTextFunctionsSet of predefined functions for diffr()
diffrA function for aligning text and measuring its distance.
diffr_to_htmlFunction for transforming diffr() results to HTML
distanceFunctionsSet of predefined functions for diffr()
example_A1sample text
example_A1_splitsample text
example_A2sample text
example_A2_splitsample text split into lines
grapes-.-grapesA function making "pasting" together text a little bit more...
ignoreLinesFunctionsSet of predefined functions for diffr()
plot.diffrplot method for diffr objects
print.diffrprint method for diffr objects
select_function_optiondiffr() helper function for options
sort_align_dffunction sorting alignment data frames according to line...
text_alignAligning text.
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