Man pages for petermeissner/stringb
Convenient Base R String Handling stringsAsFactors=FALSE
cuts_to_spanshelper function that turns cut points into spans
data.framea stringsAsFactors=FALSE data.frame
de_sequenizehelper function to transforms sequences into spans
drop_non_group_matcheshelper for usage of regmatches
get_groupshelper function for text_extract_group
grapes-.-grapesconcatenating strings operator
grapes-..-grapesconcatenating strings
invert_spansfunction to invert spans to those numbers not covered
plot.characterfunction for plotting text
regmatches2helper function to standardize regexpr results
sequenizehelper function to spans into sequences
stringb_arrangefunction to sort df by variables
test_filetext function: wrapper for system.file() to access test files
text_cgeneric for concatenating strings
text_collapsefunction for collapsing text vectors
text_countgeneric for counting pattern occurences
text_deletedeleting patterns in string
text_detectgeneric function to test if a regex can be found within a...
text_evalwrapper function of eval() and parse() to evaluate character...
text_extractextract regex matches
text_extract_allextract regex matches
text_extract_groupgeneric for getting regex group matches
text_extract_group_allgeneric for getting all regex group matches
text_filtergeneric for subsetting/filtering vectors
text_lengthwrapper around nchar to return text length
text_locatefunction to get start, end, length form pattern match
text_locate_allfunction to get start, end, length form pattern match for all...
text_locate_all_workerhelper function to get start, end, length form pattern match
text_locate_groupgeneric for getting positions regex groups
text_locate_workerhelper function to get start, end, length form pattern match
text_ncharwrapper around nchar to return text length
text_padpadding text to specified width
text_readread in text
text_repgeneric repeating text
text_replacereplacing patterns in string
text_replace_allreplacing patterns in string
text_replace_groupfunction for replacing regex group matches generic for...
text_replace_locatestext_replace_locates default
text_showshowing text
text_snippetretrieving text snippet
text_splitgeneric splitting strings
text_split_ngeneric splitting strings into pieces of length n
text_subgeneric for extracting characters sequences by position
text_subsetgeneric for subsetting/filtering vectors
text_tokenizegeneric for gregexpr wrappers to tokenize text
text_tokenize_linesgeneric to tokenize text into lines
text_tokenize_sentencesgeneric to tokenize text into sentences
text_tokenize_wordsgeneric to tokenize text into words
text_to_lowerfunction for make text lower case
text_to_title_casefunction for make text lower case
text_to_upperfunction for make text lower case
text_trimtrim spaces
text_whichgeneric function to know in which elements a pattern can be...
text_which_valuegeneric function to get whole elements in which pattern was...
text_wrapwraping text to specified width
text_writewrite text to file
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