Man pages for pietervsd/INBOmisc
Misc R functions for INBO

pop.projection.ARStochastische projectie uitbreiding op popbio functie...
qd_pci1Potential conflict index (first variant)
qd_pci2Potential conflict index (second variant)
qd_pci2_DDistance matrix for qd_pci2
qd_profilecreate ggplot-object with profile plot
Qever_collectorSurvey Sus scrofa: response rate
Qever_freeAnswersSurvey Sus scrofa: answers to open questions
Qever_mainSurvey Sus scrofa: answers to the questionnaire
vifTitle inflation factors of a data frame
Zuur_MultiVariogramFunction for making multiple variograms and plot them in a...
Zuur_VariogramMake a variogram for one variable
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