MAgPIE outputs R package for MAgPIE version 4.x

Purpose and Functionality

A package containing the most common output routines for extracting outputs from the MAgPIE model.


For installation of the most recent package version an additional repository can be added in R:

options(repos = c(CRAN = "@[email protected]", rd3mod_repo = ""))

The additional repository can be made availably permanently by adding the line above to a file called .Rprofile stored in the home folder of your system (Sys.glob("~") in R returns the home directory).

After that the most recent version of the package can be installed using install.packages:


Package updates can be installed using update.packages (make sure that the additional repository has been added before running that command):


Questions / Problems

In case of questions / problems please contact Jan Dietrich [email protected].



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