Man pages for pmoulos/recoup-local
An R package for the creation of complex genomic profile plots

buildAnnotationStoreBuild a local annotation database for recoup
calcCoverageCalculate coverages over a genomic region
coverageRefCalculate coverage in a set of reference genomic regions...
coverageRnaRefCalculate coverage in a set of reference genomic regions...
getAnnotationAnnotation downloader
getBiotypesList default Ensembl biotypes
kmeansDesignApply k-means clustering to profile data
mergeRunsMerge recoup outputs of same type
preprocessRangesRead and preprocess BAM/BED files to GRanges
profileMatrixCalculate final profile matrices for plotting
recoupCreate genomic signal profiles in predefined or custom areas...
recoupCorrelationPlot (faceted) average genomic coverage correlations
recoupHeatmapPlot genomic coverage heatmaps
recoupPlotPlot list objects returned by recoup
recoupProfilePlot (faceted) average genomic coverage profiles
recoup_test_dataReference and genomic sample regions for recoup testing
removeDataRemove data from recoup list object
simpleGetSetGet and set some reusable objects from a recoup object
sliceObjSubset recoup output list objects
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