This repo contains all the code for our planned paper on Stiffness and using Implicit Midpoint in NUTS.

Outline of Code

get_nuts_samples(z0) # nuts.R 1) ham_system <- create_hamiltonian_system() # nuts.R 2) integrator <- create_integrator() # integrators.R 3) get_single_nuts_sample(z0, ham_system, integrator) #nuts.R A) p0 <- ham_system$get_momentum_sample() B) tree <- create_onenode_tree(z0, ham_system) # initialize tree from build_tree.R C) new_subtree <- build_tree(depth, tree$z_plus, tree$z_plus_1, directions[depth+1], ham_system, integrator, DEBUG)

Adding Tests

Things to Discuss

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