This document examines how to join ages of parents to a record given for a certain animal.


We use the dplyr-vignette to learn how the different joins work.

nycflights13 data

### # check whether packages are installed
vec_pkgs <- c("magrittr", "nycflights13")
for (p in vec_pkgs){
  if (!p %in% installed.packages())
    install.packages(pkgs = p)

### # head of airlines dataset
# Drop unimportant variables so it's easier to understand the join results.
flights2 <- flights %>% select(year:day, hour, origin, dest, tailnum, carrier)

flights2 %>% 

Different Joins

Four different joins can be distinguished

(df1 <- data_frame(x = c(1:3), y = 3:1))
(df2 <- data_frame(x = c(1, 3, 5), a = c(10,20,30), b = c("a","x","y")))
df1 %>% inner_join(df2) %>% knitr::kable()
df1 %>% left_join(df2)
df1 %>% right_join(df2)
df1 %>% full_join(df2)

Use Joins for pedigree checks

When, we want to check that mothers are older than their offspring, we join the birthdate of the mothers to the offspring records and check whether the consistence requirement is fullfilled.

First, we read the pedigree

sDataFileName <- system.file(file.path("extdata","KLDAT_20170524_10000.txt"), 
                             package = "PedigreeFromTvdData")
tbl_ped_final <- PedigreeFromTvdData::build_check_pedigree_from_tvd(ps_tvd_file = sDataFileName)

Get the column indices of the IDs as a list and column index of birthdates

l_id_col_dsch_idx <- PedigreeFromTvdData::getTvdIdColsDsch()
n_bd_col_idx <- PedigreeFromTvdData::getBirthdateColIdxDsch()

Animal-Ids, Mother-Ids and birthdates are extracted from tbl_ped_final.

tbl_animal <- tbl_ped_final %>% select(l_id_col_dsch_idx$TierIdCol, n_bd_col_idx, l_id_col_dsch_idx$MutterIdCol, l_id_col_dsch_idx$VaterIdCol)
names(tbl_animal) <- c("Tier", "Kalbedatum", "Mutter", "Vater")

Find animals that are also mothers

tbl_mother_ids <- tbl_animal %>% filter(Mutter != "") %>% select(Mutter)

Join ids of mother to the animal records to obtain the birthdate of the mothers

tbl_mother_ids %>% inner_join(tbl_animal, by = c("Mutter" = "Tier"))
(tbl_mother_bd <- tbl_mother_ids %>% inner_join(tbl_animal, by = c("Mutter" = "Tier")) %>% select(Mutter, Kalbedatum))

Join the mothers and their birthdates back to the animal records

(tbl_ani_mother_bd <- tbl_mother_bd %>% inner_join(tbl_animal, by = "Mutter"))

Filter according to the consistency requirements

tbl_ani_mother_bd %>% filter(Kalbedatum.x > Kalbedatum.y)
tbl_ani_mother_bd %>% filter((Kalbedatum.y - Kalbedatum.x) < 1000)

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