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The 'dashboards' project

The dashboards project is a project at FHI concerned with running automated analyses on data.

The overarching documentation for the entire infrastructure can be found here.

This R package is a piece of

Data source

The Norwegian Syndromic Surveillance System (NorSySS) monitors how many infectious diseases are reported during consultations with general practitioners (GPs) and out-of-hours primary care facilities. NorSySS shows trends and possible disease outbreaks that are causing more people to consult their GP.

This package

This package

This is a part the code repository for programs developed for the infectious disease group at Folkehelseinstituttet.

This R package is designed to be called from a RunProcess.R script located in the folkehelseinstituttet/dashboards repository.

In brief, the sykdomspuls R package contains the instructions on how to do everything required, while RunProcess.R is the high-level executable.

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