coco-class: coco class

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Object of class coco.


  ## S3 method for class 'coco'
plot(x, as_matrix = FALSE, nodes = NULL, forest_plot_args = NULL, ...)



An coco object.


If as_matrix is set to TRUE a matrix plot rather than a forest plot is produced.


If a vector of nodes is supplied this will be used to filter the set of results that are plotted. If nodes are supplied the plot will use the nodes order.


This is a list of arguments that is passed to the plot.default that produces the foundation of the forest plot. The list may contain a subset or all of the following documented arguments; any arguments that are not documented here will be ignored. A description of each argument can be found in the help for the plot.default function. Available arguments are

  • xlim Default: Calculated from the ranges of the confidence intervals.

  • xlab Default: 'Effect Size'

  • main Default: NULL

  • sub Default: NULL

  • asp Default: NA

  • pch Default: 15

  • cex.pch Default: 1

  • lwd.xaxt Default: 1

  • col.xaxt Default: 'black'

  • col.whisker Default: 'black'

  • Default: 'darkgray'

  • length.wisker_end Default: 0.05

For example usage see the ‘plot’ section in the ‘FAQ’ vignette.


Other arguments will be ignored.


An object of class coco is returned by coco() and surface_coco(). No constructor is exported.


For example usage see the ‘FAQ’ vignette.

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