Man pages for rdisalv2/disalvo
Misc Functions from Richard DiSalvo data frame containing availability by t (year, etc)
clear.all.labelsRemove all labels from a df
color.friendBin a variable into colors for plotting/mapping
color.friend.legendGet legend corresponding to color.friend all columns to character
convert_2.namesconvert _ to . in the names of a df returns a new df
convertsp2.namesconvert [[:whitespace:]] to . in df returns a new df
databuddhainit_bhLoad Packages on bluehive/bhward
databuddhainit_ubuntuLoad Packages and Set Memory Limit on Ubuntu
databuddhainit_windowsLoad Packages on Windows
download.them.allDownload all files in a list of links into the cwd empty string to NA in a df
getNonNumericsGets all non-numerics of a vector
helloHello, World!
i.polateInterpolate/extrapolate values
left_join_checkedleft_join, but checks to make sure match is 1:1
lowerize.nameslowerize the names of a data frame to help standardize match names in two data.frames
multiplotMultiple plot function
parse.censored.dataparse censored data
print.db.tablePrint a databuddha table
row_bind_allrow_bind a bunch of data.frames
safe.ifelseA safe ifelse for use with dates
setrtset root directory
setwdrtset working directory, starting with a custom root directory a text file to a sqlite database
write.zhaos.xtableWrites zhaos.xtable to file
zhaos.xtableprint latex xtable (Zhao's style)
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