fmt_date_time_standard: Get a localized date-time in a standardized form.

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Get a localized date-time in a standardized form.


fmt_date_time_standard(input, locale = "en_US", width = "medium")



the input date-time. The appropriate representation should use the following construction outlined in the ISO 8601:2004 standard: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD although some allowances made here to ease this restrictiveness (for example, the literal T separating the date and time components is optional). Fractional seconds are optional as is the time-zone designation (TZD).


an optional output locale to use for formatting the input value according to the specified locale's rules. Example locale names include "en_US" for English (United States) and "fr_FR" for French (France). If a locale isn't provided and certain require locale- based formatting then the "en_US" locale is used for this purpose.


The standardized output date-time format, which can be one of either short, medium, long, or full.

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