Man pages for road2stat/ensembldb
Utilities to create and use Ensembl-based annotation databases

convertFilterConvert an AnnotationFilter to a SQL WHERE condition for...
DeprecatedDeprecated functionality
EnsDbConnect to an EnsDb object
EnsDb-AnnotationDbiIntegration into the AnnotationDbi framework
EnsDb-classBasic usage of an Ensembl based annotation database
EnsDb-exonsByRetrieve annotation data from an Ensembl based package
EnsDb-lengthsCalculating lengths of features
EnsDb-seqlevelsSupport for other than Ensembl seqlevel style
EnsDb-sequencesFunctionality related to DNA/RNA sequences
EnsDb-utilsUtility functions
Filter-classesFilters supported by ensembldb
global-filtersGlobally add filters to an EnsDb database
hasProteinData-EnsDb-methodDetermine whether protein data is available in the database
listEnsDbsList EnsDb databases in a MySQL server
makeEnsemblDbPackageGenerating a Ensembl annotation package from Ensembl
ProteinFunctionalityProtein related functionality
runEnsDbAppSearch annotations interactively
useMySQL-EnsDb-methodUse a MySQL backend
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