Man pages for sambrilleman/rstanjm
Bayesian Joint Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Models via Stan

as.matrix.stanjmExtract the posterior sample
examplejmExample joint longitudinal and time-to-event model
family.stanjmfamily method for stanjm objects
get_yExtract X, Y or Z from a stanjm object
log_likExtract pointwise log-likelihood matrix
model.frame.stanjmmodel.frame method for stanjm objects
model.matrix.stanjmmodel.matrix method for stanjm objects
neg_binomial_2Negative binomial family function
pairs.stanjmPairs method for stanjm objects
pbc-datasetsPBC datasets used for 'rstanjm' examples
plot.predict.stanjmPlot the estimated subject-specific or marginal longitudinal...
plot_stackCombine the plots of the estimated longitudinal trajectory...
plot.stanjmPlot method for stanjm objects
plot.survfit.stanjmPlot the estimated subject-specific or marginal survival...
posterior_intervalPosterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_predictEstimate the marginal or subject-specific longitudinal...
posterior_survfitEstimate marginal or subject-specific survival probabilities
pp_checkGraphical posterior predictive checks for the longitudinal...
print.stanjmPrint method for stanjm objects
priorsPrior distributions and options for fitting Bayesian joint...
ps_checkGraphical checks of the estimated survival function
rstanjm-packageBayesian joint longitudinal and time-to-event models via Stan
seExtract standard errors
simulated-datasetsSimulated datasets used for 'rstanjm' tests
stan_jmBayesian joint longitudinal and time-to-event models via Stan
stanjm-methodsMethods for stanjm objects
stanjm-objectFitted model object in the 'rstanjm' package
summary.stanjmSummary method for stanjm objects
terms.stanjmterms method for stanjm objects
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