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This package was used the generate the manuscript "Soil properties and sediment accretion modulate methane fluxes from restored wetlands." by Samuel D. Chamberlain et. al. This follows the R package structure adapted from Carl Boettiger's template found here: Briefly, the /data folder contains soil and half-hourly eddy covariance files used in the analysis, the /R folder contains scripts used to process data, and the /vignettes folder contains the Markdown and bibiography files used to generate the manuscript, as well as two figure images that were not directly reproducible in R.

Figure 1 and 4 are not directly reproducible in R, but all other analyses are reproducible in this package. Figure 1 was generated in ArcMap using the soil series data downloaded from the USDA Web Soil Survey ( and eddy covariance flux footprints. Figure 4 was generated using a combined information theory-wavelet time series decomposition using a modification of the MATLAB ProcessNetwork Software found here: All other analyses in this work are reproducible from the 'manuscript.Rmd' file in the /vignettes folder, and running this file will reproduce this manuscript in its entirety.


You can install WetlandComparison from github with:


How to Run

Load package into RStudio and open the 'manuscript.Rmd' within the /vignettes folder. Using RStudio, click the 'Knit' button at the top of the console and this manuscript, and analyses herein, will be re-created.

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