Man pages for santiago1234/corrcodon
Computes Codon Enrichment Correlation with RNA Exppression

codon_enrichmentCompute the enrichment of each codon at each tile
CODONSGenetic Code
codons_in_tileComputes the total number of codons in tile
compute_correlationsComputes the correlation of tile and codon enrichment
corrcodon_pipelinePipeline function to compute the codon enrichment correlation...
encode_rna_seqExample of expected data input for the functions in this...
get_codon_expression_tileJoins the codon composition with the rna experiment
hsapiens_codon_compositionH. Sapiens open reading frames codon composition
quantify_codons_tileCounts the codons in each tile
subset_genesGets the genes that are present in both files: codon...
tile_expressionGroups gene expression in tiles
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