The braingames package is a collection of mental challenges in the form of Shiny apps.


You can install this package from GitHub with:



Three main motivators pushed me to create this package. First, I really wanted to go through the process of making an R package (for the public). Second, I thought it was about time I contributed something to the open source community (a goal of mine for 2018). Finally, I really enjoy working with Shiny and thought this would be a fun way to explore new functionality/interactivity.


Three challenges are currently available for the precise moment procrastination strikes. The first, concentration, is a nod to the card game I loved to play as a kid. The next two, mathsquare and mathtriangle, are challenges I presented to students back when I was a math teacher.

Screenshots of each current

How to Use

Launching a challenge is as easy as typing its name. concentration is the only challenge that accepts parameters (specify difficulty level 1, 2, or 3)


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