The MOLGENIS R-spss can import an SPSS-file into MOLGENIS, creating an EntityType and importing data into that EntityType.


As an example we will import the sample experim.sav into a MOLGENIS instance.

First you have to install the package, so type in the console:

install.packages("molgenisRSpss", dependencies = TRUE)

Then you can import this library by executing:


This will import the right dependencies when you have installed them in your own environment.

note This package will not work without the molgenisRApi. You have to import it by executing this command:


First we define the host in which we import the SPSS file(s).

host <- ""

Now we have to login to a MOLGENIS instance, we use the host variable to specify the host.

token <- molgenis.login(host, "admin", "admin")

We use the token and the host to import the experim.sav file into molgenis01.

molgenis.spss.import(host, token, "/samples/experim.sav")

You will get the following output:

EntityType metadata for: [ experim.sav ] is successfully build (entityType: [ experim ])
The job to import entityType has finished successfully
SPSS-file: [ experim ] is successfully imported as: [ base_experim ]

The file is now imported in molgenis01. You can view it by search for "experim" in the DataExplorer


The SPSS public interface is now described.


molgenis.spss.import("host name", "token", "file")

You have to login to molgenis first before you can import a file into a molgenis instance.


host <- ""
token <- molgenis.login(host, "admin", "admin")
molgenis.spss.import(host, token, "samples/spss-file.sav")

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