Man pages for songxh0424/MPrOVE
Helper functions for appropriateness metrics

addPeriodsAdd periods for ICD codes
convert2regexCreate "REGEXP_LIKE" SQL commands
createLIKECreate lists of ICD10 codes to be used in generating SQL...
dict_CPTComplete range of CPT codes
getDescAdd description to ICD-9 codes
get.I10.dfCreate a table of descriptions matched with groups of ICD-10...
getICD10Convert between ICD9 codes and ICD10 codes
group.I10Group similar code by their first few characters
ICD10to9Mappings from ICD-10 codes to ICD-9 codes
ICD9to10Mappings from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes
outputSQLOutput SQL files
removexRemove the x from an ICD-9 code string
toml2codeRead in a TOML file and output a codelist for 'writeSQL'...
writeSQLCreate SQL commands
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