fft_spectrum: Fourier tranform intensity data

Description Usage Arguments Value


Performs fourier transform of complex intensity data (i.e., in the indirect dimension). Although the procedure is very similar to fft_signal, real/imaginary data processing will differ depending on the mode of indirect data acquisition.


fft_spectrum(indirect.time, intensity, acqus.list, hypercomplex = FALSE)



A vector of delay times for the signal.


A vector of complex intensity data.


A list of lists containing acqus parameters with 'o1', 'sfo1', 'sw', and 'fnmode' entries. This list can be generated using read_acqus() or through other means. These parameters can also be nested within a list item called 'acqus2' if multiple dimensions are read at once.


TRUE to output full quadrature components (rr, ri, ir, ii), FALSE to omit imaginary components in the direct dimension (ir, ii).


A data.frame made of two columns – "indirect.shift" containing the indirect dimension chemical shift and "intensity" containing the real component of the fourier transformed direct dimension data (corresponding to rr and ri as a complex pair). If the hypercomplex option is set to TRUE, the ir and ii data is added as another complex column labelled "dispersive".

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