Man pages for stamats/MKinfer
Inferential Statistics

0MKinfer-packageInferential Statistics.
binomCIConfidence Intervals for Binomial Proportions
binomDiffCIConfidence Intervals for Difference of Two Binomial...
boot.t.testBootstrap t-Test
cvCIConfidence Intervals for Coefficient of Variation
hsu.t.testHsu Two-Sample t-Test
imputeSDImpute Standard Deviations for Changes from Baseline
mi.t.testMultiple Imputation Student's t-Test
normCIConfidence Intervals for Mean and Standard Deviation
normDiffCIConfidence Intervals for Difference of Means
pairwiseFunCompute pairwise values for a given function
perm.t.testPermutation t-Test
quantileCIConfidence Intervals for Quantiles
rm.oneway.testTest for Equal Means in a Repeated Measures One-Way Layout
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