The repository includes the development version of R package MKpower

License: LGPL v3 Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.


Power analysis and sample size calculation for Welch and Hsu (Hedderich and Sachs (2018), ISBN:978-3-662-56657-2) t-tests including Monte-Carlo simulations of empirical power and type-I-error. Power and sample size calculation for Wilcoxon rank sum and signed rank tests via Monte-Carlo simulations. Power and sample size required for the evaluation of a diagnostic test(-system) (Flahault et al. (2005), ; Dobbin and Simon (2007), ) as well as for a single proportion (Fleiss et al. (2003), ISBN:978-0-471-52629-2) and comparing two negative binomial rates (Zhu and Lakkis (2014), ).


```{r, eval = FALSE}

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