rstan_package_skeleton: Create the skeleton of a new R package with Stan programs

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Description The rstan_package_skeleton function helps get you started developing R packages that interface with Stan via the rstan package. As of rstantools v1.5.0, rstan_package_skeleton calls usethis::create_package (instead of utils::package.skeleton) and then makes necessary adjustments so that the package can include Stan Programs that can be built into binary versions (i.e., pre-compiled like rstanarm).

See the See Also section below for links to recommendations for developers and a step by step walk-through of what to do after running rstan_package_skeleton.


rstan_package_skeleton(path, rstudio = TRUE, open = TRUE,
  stan_files = character(), travis = TRUE)



A relative or absolute path to the new package to be created (terminating in the package name).

rstudio, open

See usethis::create_package.


A character vector with paths to .stan files to include in the package (these files will be included in the src/stan_files directory). If not specified then the .stan files for the package can be manually placed into the appropriate directory later.


Should a .travis.yml file be added to the package directory? Defaults to TRUE. The file has some settings already set to help with compilation issues, but we do not guarantee that it will work on travis-ci without manual adjustments.


This function downloads several files from rstanarm package's GitHub repository to facilitate building the resulting package. Note that rstanarm is licensed under the GPL >= 3, so package builders who do not want to be governed by that license should not use the downloaded files that contain R code (that said, Rcpp is GPL, so not using the rstanarm files is not the only thing impeding use of other licenses). Otherwise, it may be worth considering whether it would be easier to include your .stan programs and supporting R code in the rstanarm package.

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