Man pages for statsmaths/ado
Abstract Data Objects for Parallel and Chunk-Wise Processing

adfCreate an abstract data frame from connection(s)
admCreate an abstract data matrix from connection(s)
adoCreate an abstract data object from connection(s)
ado.applyLow level function for applying over an abstract data object
ado.outputApply function over an abstract data object and output to...
allFactorLevelsUpdate abstract data frame with all factor levels
c2c.ado.outputInput chunked data and write in chunks to new file
c2f.ado.outputInput chunked data and create output file for each chunk
chunk.ado.applyDefault method for applying over connections
f2f.ado.outputInput each file and write output to a separate file
full.ado.applyDefault method for applying over connections
mm.combineCombine chunk-wise model matrix summaries
mm.computeCompute model matrices from a data frame
mm.controlControl list for constructing model matrices
mm.summarySummarize model matrix
print.adoPrint the details of an abstract data object
rm.colinearRemove co-linear variables
set.outputSet output parameters for an abstract data object
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