Man pages for statsmaths/wnet
Object-oriented WordNet Wrappers

as.character.SynsetConvert synset to a character representation
getFramesReturn verb frames from a (verb) synset
getInheritedHypernymInherited hypernyms
getPointersReturn pointers from a synset
getSisterTermsSister Synsets
getSynsetsSearch for synsets by string
getWordsReturn words from a synset
initWnetInitialize the WordNet library
pointerToSynsetConvert Pointer to Synset
print.FrameDataPrint a FrameData object
print.PointerPrint a Pointer object
print.summary.wnetPrint a wnet summary object
print.SynsetPrint a Synset object
print.WordDataPrint a WordData object
summary.FrameDataSummarize a FrameData object
summary.PointerSummarize a Pointer object
summary.SynsetSummarize a Synset object
summary.WordDataSummarize a WordData object
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