Man pages for stevenpawley/sagacmd
Linking R with the Open-Source 'SAGA-GIS' Software

MRVBFthresholdCalculate the T_SLOPE value based on DEM resolution for MRVBF
print.sagaToolGeneric function to display help and usage information for...
RsagacmdRsagacmd: Linking R with the open-source SAGA-GIS software.
RtoSAGASaves R objects to temporary files for processing by...
sagaConfigureGenerates a custom saga_cmd configuration file
sagaEnvParses valid SAGA-GIS libraries and tools into a nested list...
sagaExecuteFunction to execute SAGA-GIS commands through the command...
sagaGISInitiate a SAGA-GIS geoprocessor object
sagaRemoveTmpFilesRemoves temporary files created by Rsagacmd
sagaSearchAutomatic search for the path to a SAGA-GIS installation
sagaShowTmpFilesList temporary files created by Rsagacmd
sagaVersionReturn the installed version of SAGA-GIS.
searchToolsSearch for a SAGA-GIS tool
tileGeoprocessorSplit a raster grid into tiles for tile-based processing
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