Man pages for strongio/stronger
Internal package for Strong Analytics

bin_to_meanBin numeric variable into groups, replace with group-means
capCap numeric variable
get_stan_rngGet a random-number generator for a family, as paramterized...
kalman_filterAutocorrelation with the Kalman-Filter
make_fffMake a functional-form-fisher
no_autocorrNo autocorrelation
polysMake orthogonal polynomials with more interpretable...
predict.stan_regPredict method for 'stan_reg' objects.
prep_stan_model_codePrepare the model-code for a stan model
row_hpdGet mean, highest-posterior-density for each row.
self_nameAssign values to name of vector
stan_regTime-series regression with stan
strongerstronger package
swap_names_and_valsSwap vector names and vector-values
theme_strongStrong ggplot2 theme
tidy_vector_posteriorTidy up a posterior that consists of only vector-variables.
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