Plotting LBB data

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Function to plot length-frequency data in the LBB format


1, mfrow = NA)



A list of the class "lfq" consisting of following parameters:

  • species species name,

  • stock stock ID or name,

  • midLengths midpoints of the length classes,

  • dates dates of sampling times (class Date),

  • catch matrix with catches/counts per length class (row) and sampling date (column),

  • comments comments;


A vector of the form 'c(nr, nc)'. Subsequent figures will be drawn in an 'nr'-by-'nc' array on the device by _rows_ ('mfrow'). If NA (default), a panel with 3 columns and several rows (dependent on number of years) is used.


expects lengths relative to Linf (L/Linf)


R. Froese, H. Winker, G. Coro, N. Demirel, A.C. Tsikliras, D. Dimarchopoulou, G. Scarcella, W.N. Probst, M. Dureuil, and D. Pauly (2018) A new approach for estimating stock status from length frequency data. ICES Journal of Marine Science. DOI: 10.1093/icesjms/fsy078

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