Man pages for tuxette/SOMbrero
SOM Bound to Realize Euclidean and Relational Outputs

initGridCreate an empty Self-Organizing Map structure
initSOMInitialize parameters for the SOM algorithm
lesmisDataset "Les Miserables"
plot.myGridDraw a 'myGrid' class object
plot.somResDraw a 'somRes' class object
predict.somResPredict the classification of a new observation
presidentielles20022002 French presidential election data set
projectIGraph.somResCompute the projection of a graph on a grid
protoDist.somResCompute distances between prototypes
qualityCompute SOM algorithm quality criteria
sombreroGUIGraphical Web User Interface for SOMbrero
SOMbrero-packageSelf Organizing Maps Bound to Realize Euclidean and...
somRes.plottingPlotting 'somRes' results
superClassCreate super-clusters from SOM clustering
trainSOMRun the SOM algorithm
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