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This package provides a set of functions to assess the strength and statistical significance of the relationship between species occurrence/abundance and groups of sites. It is also possible to check the statistical significance of such associations. New functions have been added (previously distributed in 'resniche') which allow evaluate several niche metrics while accounting for distances between resources on the basis of the similar perception from species (De Cáceres et al. 2011).


Package: indicspecies
Type: Package
Version: 1.7.7
Date: 2019-05-20
Depends: permute
Suggests: sp, rgeos
License: GPL (>=2)
LazyLoad: yes

Use strassoc for assessing strength of associations and signassoc to assess the statistical significance of the associations (De Cáceres & Legendre 2009). Much more complete functions are multipatt (De Cáceres et al. 2010) and indicators (De Cáceres et al. 2012). Read the package vignette using vignette("indicspeciesTutorial", package="indicspecies") to learn how to use this package.


Miquel De Cáceres, Florian Jansen

Maintainer: Miquel De Cáceres <>


De Cáceres, M. and Legendre, P. 2009. Associations between species and groups of sites: indices and statistical inference. Ecology 90(12): 3566-3574.

De Cáceres, M., Legendre, P., Moretti, M. 2010. Improving indicator species analysis by combining groups of sites. Oikos 119(10): 1674-1684.

De Cáceres, M., Legendre, P., Wiser, S.K. and Brotons, L. 2012. Using species combinations in indicator analyses. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3(6): 973-982.

De Cáceres, M., Sol, D., Lapiedra, O. and P. Legendre. (2011) A framework for estimating niche metrics using the resemblance between qualitative resources. Oikos 120: 1341-1350.

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