Man pages for vincent-dk/Xsgl
Minimal Example of Sgl Package using sglOptim

best_model.XsglIndex of best model
coef.XsglExtracting the nonzero coefficients
cvCross Validation
Err.XsglCompute Error Rates
features_stat.XsglExtract feature statistics
features.XsglNonzero features
fit*TODO: title* (Multi-label Sparse Group Lasso Logistic...
lambdaCompute Lambda Sequence
models.XsglExstract the fitted models
nmod.XsglNumber of models used for fitting
parameters_stat.XsglExtracting parameter statistics
parameters.XsglNonzero parameters
print.XsglPrint function for Xsgl
test_objectiveTest Objectives
XTest data
Xsgl.algorithm.configCreate a new algorithm configuration
Xsgl.c.configFeatch information about the C side configuration of the...
Xsgl-packageMinimal Example of Sgl Package using sglOptim
Xsgl.standard.configStandard algorithm configuration
YTest data
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