Man pages for vincent-dk/epiG
Statistical Inference of Epi-Allelic Patterns from Whole-Genome Bisulphite Sequencing Data

auto_configCreate Standard Configuration
BSeqBisulphite Conversion Model
chain_infoInformation about chains
end.epiGEnd position
epiGFit an epiG epigenotype model
epiG_chunksFit epiG epigenotype models
epiG_configCreate an epiG Configuration
fetch_altFetch Alternative Nucleotides
fetch_read_infoInformation About Reads
fetch_readsFetch Reads
fetch_refFetch Reference Genom
file_infoFetch Bam File Information
fitExample fit
header_infoFetch Bam Header
length.epiGLength of model
load_readsLoad Reads
locate_CLocate C
locate_CGLocate CpG
locate_DGCHLocate DGCH
locate_GCLocate GpC
locate_HCGDLocate HCGD
locate_mismatchLocate Mismatches
nchainNumber of chains
nchunksNumber of chunks
NOMeSeqNOMe-sequencing Conversion Model
nreadNumber of reads in model
position_infoPosition Info
print.epiGPrint Information About an Fitted epiG Model
print.epiG.configPrint Information About an epiG Configuration
print.epiG.modelPrint Information About an epiG Conversion Model
print.epiG.readsPrint Information About an epiG Reads Object
read_countCount Reads
read_depthRead depth
read_fastaRead FASTA File
read_infoInformation about reads
read_info.epiGInformation about reads
read_info.epiG_readsInformation about reads
set_run_configurationRun Configuration
sparseMatrix_from_C_formatConvert to sparse matrix
sparseMatrix_to_C_formatPrepare sparse matrix for .Call
start.epiGStart position
test_rtoolsTest internal rtools
vector_searchPattern Search
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