Man pages for wilsontom/multinome

build.matrixBuild summary matrix
canberraDistCanberra distance between feature ranks
check_multmodResSainity checking of multmodRes object
class.aucClass - wise ROCAUC
class.errorClass-wise error rates
class.ratesClass rates
confusionConfusion matrix
error.rateModel error rates
featureFreqTable of features
featurePairsFeature pairs
featureStabilityFeature selection stability
forest.sumForest summary
FPRprepRandom forest false positive rate prep
gAUCGeneralised multi-class ROCAUC
jaccard.indexJaccard's Coefficient
macro.perfMacro averaged model performance measures
par.setInitilise PSOCK cluster for parallel running
perc.overlapPercentage of Overlap
rankOrderRank features
relative.hammingHamming's Relative Distance
resampleStabilityStability at each re-sample
resamplingPartition data
RFcanberraCalculate a scaled Canberra Distance between RF importance...
RFfeatureSortPrepare lists for stability testing (random forest)
rf.importanceRandom forest importance
RPTRobustness Performance Trade Off
run.modelRun model
run.randomforestRun randomForest model
selecfreqRandom forest selection frequency
stat.sumBasic summary statistics
te.marginsTest margins
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