lyrics <- data_frame(
  artist = c("Eminem", "Kendrick Lamar", "Drake", "Nas"),
  track = c("Renegade", "DNA.", "Too Much", "Memory Lane"),
  verse = c(2, 1, 2, 1),
  lyrics = c(
    "Since I'm in a position to talk to these kids and they listen
    I ain't no politician but I'll kick it with 'em a minute
    Cause see they call me a menace, and if the shoe fits I'll wear it
    But if it don't, then why y'all swallow the truth grin and bear it
    Now who's these king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics
    Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics
    Using his music to steer it sharing his views in his marriage
    But there's a huge interference, they're saying you shouldn't hear it
    Maybe it's hatred I spew, maybe it's food for the spirit
    Maybe it's beautiful music I made for you to just cherish
    But I'm debated disputed hated and viewed in America
    As a motherfucking drug addict, like you didn't experiment?
    Now now, that's when you start to stare at who's in the mirror
    And see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrassed
    And I got nothing to do but make you look stupid as parents
    You fucking do-gooders, too bad you couldn't do good at marriage!
    And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here I don't
    Think you do so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo
    Cause here we go, he's (Jigga joint Jigga-chk-Jigga)
    And I'm the sinister, Mr. Kiss-My-Ass it's just the",
    "I got, I got, I got, I got
    Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
    Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA
    I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA
    I got hustle though, ambition, flow, inside my DNA
    I was born like this, since one like this
    Immaculate conception
    I transform like this, perform like this
    Was Yeshua's new weapon
    I don't contemplate, I meditate, then off your fucking head
    This that put-the-kids-to-bed
    This that I got, I got, I got, I got
    Realness, I just kill shit 'cause it's in my DNA
    I got millions, I got riches buildin' in my DNA
    I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA
    I got off, I got troublesome, heart inside my DNA
    I just win again, then win again like Wimbledon, I serve
    Yeah, that's him again, the sound that engine in is like a bird
    You see fireworks and Corvette tire skrrt the boulevard
    I know how you work, I know just who you are
    See, you's a, you's a, you's a
    Bitch, your hormones prolly switch inside your DNA
    Problem is, all that sucker shit inside your DNA
    Daddy prolly snitched, heritage inside your DNA
    Backbone don't exist, born outside a jellyfish, I gauge
    See, my pedigree most definitely don't tolerate the front
    Shit I've been through prolly offend you
    This is Paula's oldest son
    I know murder, conviction
    Burners, boosters, burglars, ballers, dead, redemption
    Scholars, fathers dead with kids
    And I wish I was fed forgiveness
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, soldier's DNA
    Born inside the beast
    My expertise checked out in second grade
    When I was 9, on cell, motel, we didn't have nowhere to stay
    At 29, I've done so well, hit cartwheel in my estate
    And I'm gon' shine like I'm supposed to
    Antisocial, extrovert
    And excellent mean the extra work
    And absentness what the fuck you heard
    And pessimists never struck my nerve
    And that's a riff, gonna plead this case
    The reason my power's here on earth
    Salute the truth, when the prophet say",
    "Someone go tell Noel to get the Backwoods
    Money got my whole family going backwards
    No dinners, no holidays, no nothin'
    There's issues at hand that we're not discussin'
    I did not sign up for this
    My uncle used to have all these things on his bucket list
    And now he's actin' like, Oh, well, this is life, I guess, Nah, fuck that shit
    Listen man, you can still do what you wanna do, you gotta trust that shit
    Heard once that in dire times when you need a sign, that's when they appear
    Guess since my text message didn't resonate, I'll just say it here
    Hate the fact my mom cooped up in her apartment, telling herself
    That she's too sick to get dressed up and go do shit, like that's true shit
    And all my family from the M-Town that I've been 'round, started treating me like I'm him now
    Like we don't know each other, we ain't grow together, we just friends now
    Shit got me feeling pinned down, pick the pen up or put the pen down
    I'm writing to you from a distance like a pen pal, but we've been down",
    "I rap for listeners, bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners
Henessey-holders and old-school niggas, then I be dissin' a
    Unofficial that smoke Woolie Thai
    I dropped out of Cooley High
    Gassed up by a cokehead cutie pie
    Jungle survivor, fuck who's the live-er
    My man put the battery in my back, a difference from Energizer
    Sentence begins indented with formality
    My duration's infinite, moneywise or physiology
    Poetry, that's a part of me, retardedly bop
    I drop the ancient manifested hip-hop straight off the block
    I reminisce on park jams, my man was shot for his sheep coat
    Childhood lesson make me see him drop in my weed smoke
    It's real, grew up in trife life, did times or white lines
    The hype pipes, murderous nighttimes
    And knife fights and blight crimes
    Chill on the block with Cognac, hold strap
    With my peeps that's into drug money market interact
    No sign of the beast in the blue Chrysler
    I guess that means peace
    For niggas, no sheisty vice to just snipe ya
    Start off the dice-rollin' mats for craps to cee-lo
    With side-bets, I roll a deuce, nothin' below
    (Peace God!) Peace God – now the shit is explained
    I'm takin' niggas on a trip straight through memory lane
    It's like that, y'all…"

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