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With the downsize R package, you can toggle the test and production versions of your workflow with the flip of a TRUE/FALSE global option. This is helpful when your workflow takes a long time to run, you want to test it quickly, and unit testing is too reductionist to cover everything.


First, ensure that R is installed, as well as the dependencies in the DESCRIPTION. To install the latest CRAN release, run


To install the development version, get the devtools package and then run

devtools::install_github("wlandau/downsize", build = TRUE)

If you specify a tag, you can install a GitHub release.

devtools::install_github("wlandau/[email protected]", build = TRUE)


The online package vignette has a complete tutorial. You can the load the compiled version from an R session.


Help and troubleshooting

Use the help_downsize() function to obtain a collection of helpful links. For troubleshooting, please refer to on the GitHub page for instructions.

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