Man pages for yihui/crandalf
Check reverse dependencies of R packages on Travis CI

apt_getA wrapper for 'apt-get' on Ubuntu/Debian
download_sourceDownload a source package from CRAN
fix_R2Re-install packages that were built with R < 3.0.0
install_depsInstall a package and its dependencies
missing_latexFind missing LaTeX packages from the log file
need_compileWhether a package needs to be compiled
pkg_branchGet the package name of which the reverse dependencies are to...
pkg_configThe configuration for packages
pkg_depsCompute package dependencies
pkg_installInstall a package from Github using 'devtools'
pkg_loadableWhether a package is loadable
recipesDatasets for the package info on CRAN and R package recipes...
rev_checkCheck the reversion dependencies of an R package on Github
split_pkgsGiven a character string, split it by white spaces or a...
travis_foldFold Travis logs into sections
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