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The teamlucc package is designed to facilitate analysis of land use and cover change (LUCC) around the monitoring sites of the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network. The TEAM Network is a global network of sites in tropical forests wth standardized real-time data collection designed to measure tropical forest responses to climate variability and change, land cover and land use change, and other threats.

teamlucc assists with processing and analysis of remote sensing imagery. teamlucc supports a range of preprocessing steps and analyses, including:

The toolkit is under active development. Follow the TEAM website for news, and the toolkit project page on github for the latest updates.

Package installation

Installing teamlucc

NOTE: If you are installing on Windows, you will need to install the appropriate version of Rtools for your version of R (as teamlucc contains C++ code) before you follow the below steps.

As teamlucc is still under development, it is not yet listed on CRAN. The easiest way to install the teamlucc package is using the devtools package by Hadley Wickham.

To install devtools type:


at the R command prompt. This will fetch the latest version of devtools from CRAN. After installing devtools type:


at the R prompt to install the latest version of teamlucc. Typing the above command will also work if you already have teamlucc installed and want to install an updated version of the package.

Install GDAL

teamlucc uses the gdalUtils package to facilitate fast image reprojection and mosaicking. gdalUtils requires having a local GDAL installation. Follow the below steps to install GDAL on your system:


Download the 32bit or 64bit OSGeo4W installer.

Run the installer. Choose the "Express Desktop Install". On the "Select Packages" screen, ensure the GDAL screen package is checked. You can uncheck the boxes for QGIS and GRASS GIS if you don't want them installed (though I highly recommend QGIS).

Edit your environment variables:

  1. Add "C:\OSGeo4W\bin" (or "C:\OSGeo4W64\bin" if you installed the 64bit version) to the "PATH" environment variable.
  2. Add a new "GDAL_DATA" environment variable equal to "C:\OSGeo4W\share\gdal" (or "C:\OSGeo4W64\share\gdal" for the 64bit version).

Linux (ubuntu):

At a shell prompt, type:

sudo apt-get install gdal-bin libgdal-dev

(optional) Install IDL and ENVI

IDL and ENVI are required for running the CLOUD_REMOVE and CLOUD_REMOVE_FAST cloud fill algorithms in teamlucc (there are also two native R cloud fill routines that can be used without an IDL license). IDL and ENVI are also needed to run the Landsat 7 SLC-off gap fill routine.

Using teamlucc

For more information on using teamlucc, see the online help in R, and the teamlucc webpage. The webpage includes examples of a number of specific applications of teamlucc, including:

Installing teamlucc Development Version

If you want the very latest version of teamlucc, you can install the development version. Be aware this version might not install as it is not as well tested as the stable version. To install from the teamlucc development branch, run:

install_github('azvoleff/teamlucc', ref="development")

Author Contact Information

Alex Zvoleff Postdoctoral Associate Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network Conservation International 2011 Crystal Dr. Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22202 USA


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