mlstverse is a general purpose identification software. Currently database for Mycobacterium species (consists of MTB complex and nontuberculous mycobacteria) is available.


Get source codes

> git clone
> git clone

Install software and dependencies

> R
>>> if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE))
>>> BiocManager::install("Rsamtools", version = "3.8")
>>> install.packages("devtools")
>>> devtools::install("mlstverse")
>>> devtools::install("mlstverse.Mycobacterium.db")

Prepare Loci sequences

Downloads Loci.fasta to your local strage. Loci.fasta is also included in mlstverse repository.


Preparing bam Files

Before identifying isolates using R scripts, prepare bam files. Mapping shotgun sequence reads should be mapped to Loci.fasta using any mapping software and indexed.

> bwa mem Loci.fasta input.fastq | samtools sort - -o out.bam
> samtools index out.bam

Identify example (R script)

filenames <- c("out.bam")
result <- mlstverse(filenames, threads=16)

Options for mlstverse()

| option | default | description | |---|---|---| | filenames | | (required) Character, locations of input bam files | mlstdb | mlstverse.Mycobacterium.db | (optional) MLST database | | min_depth | 0 | (optional) Numeric, only use genes larger than the minimum reads depth | min_ratio | 0.1 | (optional) Numeric, only use genes larger than the ratio to maximum reads depth | th.pvalue | 0.05 | (optional) Numeric, filter by threshold value in Kolmogorov–Smirnov test | th.score | 0.1 | (optional) Numeric, filter by threshold value in MLST score | threads | 1 | (optional) Numeric, number of threads | normalize | TRUE | (optional) Boolean, if TRUE, normalize coverage | samfile | NULL | (optional) BamFile object in RSamtools package, input bam file. Excluive with filenames option. | method | "default" | (optional) Character, scoring methods. "default" and "sensitive" are available.


MLST database used in the mlstverse is compatible with other MLST methodologies. We are currently preparing to be also available pubmlst database from mlstverse.


Not published yet.


Released under MIT + file LICENCE.


If you find some problem, please contact [email protected]

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