Man pages for zedoul/devstory
Dev Story

acquisitionSoftware Lifecycle
agent_rel_contractRelation: Contracts
delete_by_idDelete dvs.env instance by id
delete.dvs.envDelete dvs.env instance
dvs_envCreate dvs.env object
env_by_idGet dvs.env by id
env_cleanDelete certain dvs.env class instances in R env
env_data_from_fileLoad dvs.env data from file
env_from_fileLoad dvs.env instances from file
env_from_folderLoad dvs.env instances from folder
envs_cleanDelete all dvs.env instances in R env
get_valGet value from dvs.env instances
id.dvs.envGet id of dvs.env
load_i18nLoad i18n
name.dvs.envName of dvs.env
opinion.dvs.agentRelation: Relations between developers
print.dvs.envprint dvs_env
queue.dvs.envName of dvs.env
queues.dvs.envName of dvs.env
readRead/Get dvs.env instance
run.dvs.envRun environment
run_queueRun queue
scope.dvs.envScope of dvs.env instance
set_valSet value in dvs.env instances
tag.dvs.envTag of dvs.env instance
write.dvs.envWrite/Update dvs.env instance
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