util.program: Functions for Various Programming Tasks

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Get name of calling function; send messages to standard output; use multiple processors if parallel package is loaded.


  palply(varlist, X, FUN, ...)



equivalent to the same argument in parLapply


character, names of variables to export using clusterExport


vector, argument for lapply or parLapply


function, argument for lapply or parLapply


palply is a wrapper function to run parLapply if length of X > thermo$opt$paramin and multiple cores are available, otherwise it runs lapply. Note that parLapply is called with methods set to FALSE. If lots of package startup messages are created when running makeCluster (which is called by palply), it can probably be stopped by adding a test for interactive sessions around any library commands in the Rprofile.

See Also

read.fasta, count.aa, affinity, equil.boltzmann and equil.reaction for functions that use palply. Tests are in ‘tests/test-util.program.R’, and a “real life” application is in ‘demos/density.R’.

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