InternalReturnClasses-class: Internal return classes for generating functions

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internal return classes for generating functions 'L2ParamFamily' and 'L2LocationFamily' (and friends); used for particular method dispatch only

Described classes

In this file we describe classes GParetoFamily, GEVFamily, GEVFamilyMuUnknown, WeibullFamily all “extending” (no new slots!) class union "L2LocationScaleShapeUnion" and ParetoFamily “extending” (no new slots!) class L2ParamFamily.

Objects from these classes

Objects are only generated internally by the mentioned generating functions.


not yet done...


Peter Ruckdeschel


Rieder, H. (1994) Robust Asymptotic Statistics. New York: Springer.

Kohl, M. (2005) Numerical Contributions to the Asymptotic Theory of Robustness. Bayreuth: Dissertation.

See Also

numeric-class, L2ParamFamily-class, L2ScaleShapeUnion-class,

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