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Sample Package for DublinR Talk
A graphical user interface for exploratory visualisation
A GUI for interactive plots using GTK+
Statistical Analysis of Metabolite Profile <<<<<<< HEAD
Quota Sampling Using Facebook Advertisements
Novel tool to find genetic factors that drive a set of traits
Mandrill API wrapper
OLAP connectivity
Functions to Select and Rename Data
Different Functions That I Keep Needing
Some gene sets and functions for working with them
Coffee grinder statistics
Methods for Standardized Data Cleaning in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Group
North arrow and scale bar for ggplot2 graphics.
ggplot2 to PDF in LaTeX Format
Full genome sequences for Drosophila melanogaster (flybase version dm3)
An R client for the 52North Sensor Web Client API
JS Sensor Web Client with Advanced Analytics
An R Client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service
Indeholder boligmarkedstal fra Realkreditrådet
R wrapper for FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service).
Provides danish GIS data
Sentiment scoring of words and emoticons
Turns points into hexagons
An R wrapper for the hvorlangterder API
Creates dynamic maps of danish administrative areas in Leaflet
mailchimpR is a R wrapper for the mailchimp API
Gender classifier for danish names
Contains the nutrient composition of foods: raw, processed and prepared
Pulls different political danish polls
Parses web pages using postlight mercury
Fetches product information and reviews from Amazon
Collects charts data from Spotify
Squaring Vectors
Longitudinal Data Clustering
A Pairwise Likelihood Augmented Cox Estimator for Left-Truncated Data
Proportional Odds Model with A Cure
What makes a game a good game?
Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Umbrella Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Base Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Classification Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Core Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Core Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Preprocessing Package

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