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Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Core Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Reporting Package
The Analysis of Biological Data
Combine Multidimensional Arrays
Data Processing and Analysis for the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Data Processing and Analysis for the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Abernethy Reliability Methods
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Models with Bias Adjustment Options for Reliability Analysis
Output functions for the Abernethy Reliability Methods package (abrem), including plotting.
Linear Rank Regression Models with Pivotal Monte Carlo Methods for Reliability Analysis
Functions for Processing Minute-to-Minute Accelerometer Data
A package for controlling false positives rate in GWAS by estimating local inflation factor
Estimating Dynamic Heritability and Twin Model Comparison
Annotated Copy-Number Regions
Discrete and Global Optimization Routines
Analysis of Ecological Data : Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences
'ade4' Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface
An S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data
adephylo: exploratory analyses for the phylogenetic comparative method.
Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis
Anderson-Darling GoF test
SECR models with supplementary location information
Object Oriented Advanced Clustering
Fuzzy Clustering (Ensembling and Optimization)
Tools to construct Asymmetric eigenvector maps (AEM) spatial variables
Analysis of Factorial Experiments
Analysis of Factorial Experiments
Analysis of AFLP data
Calculate Agreement or Consensus in Ordered Rating Scales
Data sets and examples for the book "Applied Longitudinal Analysis"
Constrained nonlinear optimization
Apache Log File Analysis
Robust Cronbach's alpha with missing and non-normal data
Plot array lists
alternating logistic regression
Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd edition
Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 4th edition
Analyzing Moving Boundaries Using R
Simple and Canonical Correspondence Analysis
Analyze time-coded animal behavior data
Feedforward Artificial Neural Network optimized by Genetic Algorithm
Version of ant specific to R
A wrapper to the apicultuR set of APIs for NLP in Spanish
Functions and Data Sets for 'Applied Predictive Modeling'
Applied Psychometrics With R
Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology
Interface methods to use with an ActiveQuant Master Server
Integrated Development Toolbox for Aquatic Chemical Model Generation
Archetypal Analysis

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