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Tools to Help R Development at CIP
Tools for managing and analyzing breeding data of clonal crops
A Good Title
What the package does (short line)
A demo package
Highly Interactive Data Analysis Platform for Plant breeding
Tools for processing molecular data from a Licor sequencer
Summary Charts of Micro-Satellite Profiles for a Set of Biological Samples
A Good Title
A Good Title
A Good Title
A collection of functions useful for the study of infectious disease dynamics
A holding package for Steven Riley's modelling and analysis code
Simple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
Simple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
Parallel Analysis for Ordinal and Numeric Data using Polychoric and Pearson Correlations with S3 Classes
Forecast App with Shiny Interface
A CanIStream.It API Wrapper
Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)
Bootstrap Confidence Regions for Correspondence Analysis.
Set of useful packages
NCA Calculation and Population PK Model Diagnosis
Classification Accuracy and Consistency under Item Response Theory
Conditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation
This package performs the CADF unit root test proposed in Hansen (1995).
Provides a GUI to Several Statistical Methods
Encrypts and Decrypts Strings
Analyzing and Visualizing Human Mobility Data
Miscellaneous Functions for data analysis in OMNILab.
Analyze Paipai data of Shanghai
Bayesian estimation of the evolutionary rate matrix
Chromosmal Aberrations Finder in Expression data
A MediaWiki API Wrapper
Parse Experimental Data
Handle Quadratic Programming problems with CPLEX_LP files
Analysis of CAGE (Cap Analysis of Gene Expression) sequencing data for precise mapping of transcription start sites and promoterome mining
Uses remote sensing and stream gauge data to develop a model of albedo/ temperature/radiation-based streamflow
Conditional Akaike information criterion for lme4
An R Package for Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding and Coordinate Transformations Between WGS-84, GCJ-02 and BD-09 Coordinate Systems
An R Package for Calculating Water Vapor Measures from Temperature and Relative Humidity
TTmisc: Tony Tsai Miscellaneous R functions
R graphics device using cairo graphics library for creating high-quality bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and display (X11 and Win32) output
Embeddable Cairo Graphics Device Driver
Calculations for All Common Subsequences
Fit Movement Models to Argos Data for Marine Animals
Different functions
Local Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models

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