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LaTeX Classes for the caret Package
Allows Interactive Visualization of Data Through a Web Browser GUI
Allows Interactive Visualization of Data Through a Web Browser GUI
Allows Interactive Visualization of Data Through a Web Browser GUI
Cumulative Descriptive Statistics
Estimation of caribou abundance based on large scale aggregations monitored by radio telemetry
Quantifying kinetic parameters to determine the RNA life cycle <<<<<<< HEAD
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Automate proper package documentation
A simple API for working with gender data.
Set of useful tools for writing R documentation
Basic collection of web resources and scripts
Global css and html resources for material design in R
Helps document R packages properly.
A series of helper functions to support encrypting and storing R data objects
Interactive playground for the Rterial R package.
R package built on the css of Material design for creating web applications
Series of helper functions for building and documenting packages and managing projects
R package for working with the material design guidelines and sass
First push for a test repo in a sub directory for cloud deply
A simple API for task and project management within R
Easy reading and writing MS Excel files from R
Wrapper for ReporteRs to be used in an in-houd shinny app.
Functions for Statistics Classes at Carleton College
Using Shiny to Efficiently Process Survey Data
Wrapper for the Formance Library
Using Rcpp to wrap the libxlsxwriter C library
Wrapper for the 'Intro.js' Library
Wrapper for cleave.js
svrepmisc: Miscellaneous Functions for Replicate Weights
Creates empty plots with compact axis notation
Using informative priors to deal with separation in logistic regression models
Ecological Quality Ratios Calculation and Plot
An R package to process amplicon data
an R package for post HexSim simulation analysis
an R package to analyse migrate-n output
Post Vortex Simulation Analysis
Example Data for R Package 'vortexR'
Whiteman Park trapping data analysis
Benford Analysis for Data Validation and Forensic Analytics
Risk Measures for (Financial) Networks
Measures of the Sturdiness of Regression Coefficients
Package allowing R to call Python
Package Allowing R to Call Python
Condition-Decomposition Normalization for Biological Applications
geneticsCRE computes a statistic on causal graphs to identify rare and significant pathways.
Invenire Small RNA
Rapid Calculation of Phylogenetic Information Content

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